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The Destination

1. Culture and history
Rio has as much history and culture as any old city in Europe, even if we're only 515 years old. Our city is rich in monuments of colonial, neoclassical and baroque architecture,  inumerous art galeries and historical churches,
several museums and French inspired buildings. Contact us for a historical walking tour with our specialist tour guides and learn more about out city and its beautiful history.   


2. Carioca way of life


Sand, sea, sun, caipirinhas, carnival, great music, surf, beer, football, dancing, barbecue partying with friends. This is our way of life and it's fantastic!!! Cariocas enjoy good food. Don´t miss out on our great restaurants while you are here! Spend a sunny week in Rio and you will be contaminated by our super friendly, joyful, free-spirit, care-free and easy-going way of life. But be careful! You may end up falling in love... Rio is not only about beautiful people... We are warm people. It's not only the weather! But is it almost always sunny here? Yes it is. And what about the danger? It's not as bad as you read in the international media. You don't believe us? Come on a private tour and see for yourself, like all our travelers have testified. 

3. Rio has it all!


Did you know that 3.5℅ of Rio is made of a green area? That the Botanical Garden has over 8.000 different species of plants? That we have more than 72 kilometers of sandy white beaches? Did you know we are surrounded by hills, many of which with trails leading to amazing views from the top? That we are the home of hundreds of species of little animals like racoons, marmosets and capuchin monkeys? Forests, hills an beaches. 

Rio has it all ! 

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